Bartholomew Edwards

Doctor and a rememrance


General Impression

A man in his early thirties with auburn hair, blue eyes and freckels that make him quite recognisable fellow. His character traits are his bad jokes and warying mindset. His personatity could be called charming if you can look past his faults and he has a way with words. He is a Doctor by profession and in his freetime he is interested in many things including war, rebels, space in general.


Agility d8
Smarts d8
Spirit d6
Strenght d4
Vigor d6


Pace 6
Running die d6
Parry 4
Toughness 7(2)


Healing d8
Notice d8
Knowledge: Medicine d6
Knowledge: Computers d4
Knowledge: Space d4
Shooting d8
Fighting d6
Stealth d6
Lockpick d6
Persuation d6
Investigation d6
Streetwise d6
Survival d4



“well now ain’t this exciting? Space the final frontier finaly at our grasp. Now, can anyone point me to direction of the closest geostationary orbital platform… oh I see you don’t have them here? REALLY?”

Quirk(minor): Racial and chauvinistic slurs

“Wife: I look fat. Can you give me a compliment?”
Husband: You have perfect eyesight.
How do you blindfold a Chinese person? Put floss over their eyes."

“Is it really a good Idea to go there? Wait up I need to check up few thing!”



0 Alliance Connections
0 Geared Up
0 Healer
5 Streetwise d6 + Stealth d6
10 Healing d8 + Shooting d6
15 Agility d8

20 Notice d8 + Fighting d6
25 Lock picking d6 + shooting d8



Bartholomew is a Third child and a second son to an auspicious Technology firms boss. He was born in New Glassgow. It’s not an understatement to say that he got best possible start in to his life in this new dawn of humanity. Even as a youngster it was discovered that he was gifted as commoners would say, in the arts of healing and medicine. It would seem that he had a natural talent or a just keen interest in a field of medicine. This however did not please his family for it would be preferred if he would continue in his fathers footsteps and climb the industrial ladder. In the end it was his mother that allowed him to go study to be a doctor. That decition was a first crack in relations with his father and also a turning point in his life.

Schoolingwise he went to new Cambridges finest schools and lived the high life, that however became boring quite soon and maybe it was his own character traits or influence of his friends that not sooner that schooling started that he was dragged to (as he himself put it) a life of excitement and mischief. With his shoolmates he learned few less that admirable skills and trick and that wasn’t the worts part. His grades dropped greatly and if not for influence from his family he would have been kicked out. That was second crack in relations. He finished his school just barely and would have failed that if not for his instinctive head for healing. In school he explored other venues of life and became interest about life out there, out in the border and life of commoners and space explorers. He studied a lot of exploration and space related thing taking courses that did even outdoor survival training and courses that calculated and studied space and theoretical math and physics concerning that field.

After school his parents not so wished but commanded him to return home but he had seen and studied enought to know how little he knew. So he decided to defy that order. That was the last straw. His family cut him of financially and told him that he can come back home if and only if he stops his childish games and takes his duties to his family seriously. Although he has a thirst for knowledge and wanting to go and explore he had been cut of financially and has nothing but his name, skill and thirst to push him foreward. He didn’t want to go back to his family and instead started working on Lemuria a superorbitalplate circling Odyssey (capital world in Jorun system) Lemuria is like a hivecity in the sky and full of menial workers that ensure that life in Odyssey is not troubled by meaningless things Lemuria is a place of anchoridge for void ships and vessels uncapable to land to plant surface. This is where most of commers happens. In there Bartholomew firstly opened his own practice. It wasn’t much but he managed and after a while he became quite famous in his own right. He kept intouch with his schooltime friends some of whom rose to quite highplaces, this has offered Bartholomew some unigue opportunities but also it is/was a source of envy and that envy was what pushed him to close his firm and to “seek adventures beyond horizon”. This however proved to be quite a challenge but in the end he found himself under the command of Capitain Le.

Bartholomew Edwards

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