Michael Flanagan

Pilot of Valor


Agility: d8
Strength: d6
Smarts: d6
Spirit: d6
Vigor: d6

Piloting: d8
Shooting: d8
Fighting: d4
Notice: d4
Knowledge – Electronics: d4
Knowledge – Astrogation: d6
Streetwise: d6
Persuasion: d6

Misc. stats
Pace: 6 (run die d6)
Charisma: 0
Parry: 4
Toughness: 5

Code of Honor (major)
Pacifist (minor)
Enemy – The Dark Sun combine (minor)

Edges & Advancements
0: Ace
0: Contact – Alliance Fleet (Si-Woo Park, captain of AMS Empyrean)



An Earthborn man in his 60s with white hair, sideburns and dark brown eyes. Michael has a large irregularly shaped scar above his left eye. Surprisingly spry for his age, Mike does his best to keep his mind sharp and his body fit despite his advanced age. On his left arm, a little below the shoulder, are tattooed the words; “First Thunder”, “Armstrong” and “Terminal Velocity” in small, black, neat letters.

Born in Dublin, Ireland in 2047, Michael didn’t get to enjoy Earth life for long as shortly after his third birthday he and his parents boarded a Copeland colony ship bound for the Jorunn system. Michael spent most of his childhood on the ship, getting to know other kids aboard. One these kids was the son of a wealthy Korean immigrant, who lived in Great Britain at the time, Si-Woo Park. Si-Woo and Mike became fast friends. But when the colony ship arrived to it’s destination in early 2057, Michael and his parents settled on the planet Heras while Si-Woo and his family were given housing on planet Odysseus. The two friends wouldn’t see each other again for nearly 13 years. Michael and his family were one of the privileged. They were given land and a high-class housing on Heras by Copeland corporation. From there on, he was able to have a relatively normal life, albeit on a unknown planet.

It all changed in 2070, when the Alliance was officially formed. The 23 year old Michael was recruited to the Alliance Navy. After basic training on Reyes he was sent to Revenant Station, a space station orbiting Grimhild, which housed the Navy Officer Training Academy. There he was reunited with an old friend, Si-Woo Park. What exactly Mike was taught there and what he became after he graduated is unclear as he doesn’t like to talk about those times. The only things he’s willing to share is that he attained a somewhat high rank within the Navy, was involved in numerous missions against pirates and the like and was discharged in 2097. Michael’s service records seem to be missing completely, but they may have been deleted if he was dishonorably discharged.

After he left the Navy, Michael seemingly fell out of Alliance favor and became a hired gun, mainly operating in the Vosno system. He took on a multitude of jobs, ranging from bodyguard duties to assassinations. Michael made quite a name for himself on the rim worlds, gaining the attention of the Dark Sun combine, a criminal alliance of several local crime lords from Faitov. For a while, Michael did work for the combine, but all the mindless violence soon became tiring and he wanted out. The crime lords were not jumping from joy at the thought of one of their best operatives calling it quits. All this bad blood between the combine and Michael culminated in 2101. He had stolen a significant amount of money from the combine, hoping to use it as a nest egg to start a new life somewhere else. Naturally, the combine wasn’t very happy about this and sent a dozen gunmen after Mike. The gunmen caught him in one of the moons of Voglov. The ensuing firefight left eight of the pursuing hitmen dead and gave Michael the scar above his left eye. Eventually he got away with the help of some scavengers who took him to Vosno. From there, he hitched a ride to Utopia.

Confident that the combine wouldn’t dare to make a move against Utopia station, Michael settled there. Soon after his arrival, he landed a job as a bartender in a joint called Hanrahan’s Bar. Over the next seven years, Michael worked at the bar, slowly becoming a favorite of both customers and the owner, Jonas Hanrahan himself. But the combine hadn’t forgotten what Mike did. In late 2108, two hitmen sent by the combine found Michael. While Utopia station is a haven for all things illegal, the combine couldn’t kill Michael then and there and risk the wrath of all the other crime lords and families. Instead, they tried to kidnap him and spirit him off-station. Fortunately for Michael, some of the locals had grown quite fond of him and helped him to escape before the hitmen could do anything. Stowed aboard a cargo ship bound for planet Astea.

His stay on Astea would be a short one. In early 2109 he ran into captain Hanoi Le, who (fortunately for Michael) was looking for a capable pilot for her ship. Michael saw this as an excellent opportunity to escape the combine once and for all. He got the job and was finally able to get to somewhere where the combine couldn’t reach him. Or so he thought…

Michael Flanagan

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