New Rules

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New Hindrances
Browncoat (Major)
The war between the Alliance and the Rebels may be over, but the wounds are far from being healed. Since the winners get to write history, those who fought for the Rebels have become the pariahs of “civilized” society. As a result, characters with this Hindrance get -2 modifier to Charisma rolls when you are dealing with an Alliance Citizen where their previous allegiance the Rebels is known and/or visible. For instance, you might not want to go for a friendly drink at a pro-Alliance bar on Unification Day wearing your old uniform.

Tinhorn (Major)
Life on the Central Planets is comfortable and safe. Those who grow up with in such a sheltered life find themselves ill prepared when they find themselves in The Black. Characters with this Hindrance have a -2 to their Common Knowledge rolls when they are off of a Core Planet. This Hindrance can be bought off when the character levels up. The hero makes a smarts roll at -2. If the roll is successful, they drops the penalty by 1 (i.e. goes from -2 to -1).

Debt (Minor/ Major):
You owe somebody, whether it is a company, or a crimelord, this isn’t just a few credit’s it’s a large enough amount that they intend to collect one way or another, the good news is you start game with 5 times the starting cash however, you owe ten times that amount if it is a minor debt, the party you owe is still giving you time, or may be willing to overlook it in favor of loyalty, or some major boon or favor. Major debts however are long past the point of simply paying them back or making other arrangements. There is a good chance that several bounty Hunters are on your tail, to make sure that they get the money, from your hide!

FTL sickness (Minor)
This Hindrance may only be taken in campaigns where FTL (Faster Than Light) travel is common. Something about the spacer doesn’t sit right with the bizarre warping effects of hyperspace. After each use of FTL travel, he suffers a level of Fatigue that takes 24 hours to fade. FTL Sickness can cause Incapacitation but not death.

Low-G Worlder (Minor)
The being hails from a world with light gravity, making his muscles weak compared to most other species. He subtracts 1 from all Strength rolls (including damage).

Zero-G sickness (Major)
The lack of gravity makes this spacer hurl. He becomes dizzy and throws up intermittently, causing an automatic level of Fatigue when in zero-g and not restrained in some way. Zero-g Fatigue can cause Incapacitation but not death, and is recovered after one hour in any other type of gravity.

New Edges

Companion Training: Novice, Attractive, Smarts D6+, Spirit D8+
To be a companion you need to know more than just how to do the horizontal rumba. Companions spend years learning art, history, music, dance, on top of persuasion and seduction in order to please their clients. Characters with Companion Training get a +2 Charisma and a +2 to their Common Knowledge rolls.

Shepherd: Novice, Spirit D8+
On many worlds, a man of God commands respect. The character get’s a +2 on Charisma roll and/or Persuasion rolls.

Hacker: Smarts D8+. Knowledge (Computers) D8+

Hackers gain a +2 to all Investigation and knowledge rolls (including common Knowledge rolls) while using a computer, also Hackers gain a +2 to any repair rolls when fixing or modifying a computer.

Bounty Hunter: Rank-Seasoned, Smarts D6+, Tracking D8+,
Bounty Hunters gain a +2 to all Tracking, and Knowledge rolls (including common Knowledge rolls) regarding the target of their current hunt. With the vastness of space, and the strife between the Alliance and the browncoats many criminals have slipped through the cracks. This is where the Bounty hunter comes in. Hunting people for money is a common practice.

Alliance Connections: Novice,
It’s a well-known fact that the alliance protects it’s own some people are simply “more Alliance” than others. Be you from an influential family or simply an alliance War Hero or Bureaucrat of note. You gain +2 to any common knowledge roll when dealing with the alliance, as well as +1 Charisma when dealing with the Alliance. You cannot take the hindrance Browncoat with this Edge.

Geared Up: Novice
This Edge may only be taken at character creation. Your character has up to $10,000 worth of possessions each time this Edge is taken. This is a one-time only benefit—if the gear is lost, it’s lost.

Gravitic acclimation: Novice, Agility d6+
The spacer knows how to operate in different gravities. He ignores the typical –2 penalty for operating in a gravity other than his own (see Gravity on page 27).

Rocket Jock: Novice, Piloting d8, Shooting d6
The pilot can fire one weapon system per action without incurring a multi-action penalty while Piloting or Driving a vehicle, aircraft, or starship.

New Rules

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