New items

All Temperature Cloak
A High tech variant of the all weather poncho with a series of cooling bladders and a thermal layer designed to allow you to survive harsh climates giving you a +2 to all heat/cold based fatigue rolls. (Cost: $250)

Gas Mask
A gas mask negates airborne toxins and gases. The bulky mask, hood and limited vision reduces Notice Rolls by-1, however.
(Cost: $30)

Electronics Kit
This portable kit includes a diagnostic scanner as well as soldering iron, Programmable IRC chips, logic board assemblies and a collection of tools that will allow you to work on a myriad of high tech devices (from ship instrument panels to computers) and everything in between. Heroes who try to repair an electronic item without this kit incurs a -2 penalty. (Cost: $100)

A high impact metal all weather light source, there is little that has changed in the last few years with this handy tool. Except perhaps the power source, which can last up to 1 month before replacing. (Cost: $20)

Again little has changed with the horse in 60 years, except perhaps that they are now found on many more planets. (Cost: $200)

Hydrozopan (bottle)
A painkiller with the effectiveness of morphine with a lot lower risk. Injecting ones self with Hydrozopan a person can ignore wound penalties (but will still have wounds). (Cost: $200)

Isoprobiline (bottle)
An immunity booster that gives a +2 vigor roll against infections when a patient is dosed with this drug. (Cost: $20)

Propoxin (Bottle)
An effective little sedative that is often used by triage units to stabilize people in shock. Players injected with this drug must make a vigor roll -2 not to gall unconscious for 1d4 hours. (Cost: $80)

Ration pack (Protein)
A vacuum sealed parcel that contains one meal. Made mostly of single celled organic proteins and flavored to give the diner the fell of real food, nowhere near as satisfying but nutritious none the less. (Cost: $5)

Ration Brick
A clever way to store more bang in a smaller package. A ingot sized brick packed with nutrients and vitamins enough to feed a family of four for a month. This is a popular supply for terraformers or colonists. (Cost: $1000)

Tool Kit (Pocket)
A small kit useful for carrying into the field for mechanical repairs. Heroes using this kit do not suffer a negative penalty for having the proper tools for most small repairs. (Cost: $30)

Tool Kit (Universal)
This is your master set of tools complete with hot torch, diagnostic computer, and an assortment of tools all in a handy 4’ by 2’ cabinet (often stored in the engine room of most small ships). Heroes using this kit will not incur any negative penalties for not having proper tools for any mechanical repair. (Cost: $350)

Wobbly headed doll
Hey what can I say people love these things. Despite their inherent cheesiness. (Cost: $4)

New Weapons

Energy Crossbow
A crossbow capable of over 200 Psi that shoots carbon steel bolts with amazing accuracy and do quite a bit of damage. (With extra 400$ 300 psi and +2 AP)
24/48/96 ROF 1, Damage 2d10, Wt 6, Shots 15 Cost: 800$

New items

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